Monday, March 30, 2015

Look at me I'm being all transparent and stuff.

Woo. Right. So, as many of you know (or maybe you don't?) I suffer from severe anxiety. Fun, right? Not really. It causes me to worry about a bunch of things and I get all frantic and sometimes I have anxiety attacks. It's really not cool.

Except for one thing.

Dealing with anxiety has had me learn a lot of techniques for making my life a lot better. For example, I use lists like nobody's business. Lists are amazing, use them, trust me.

It's also taught me to think about my future and the like. Sometimes this leads to overanalyzing/overplanning sort of stuff but other times it leads to things like learning when something is going to become bad before it actually does.

Long story short, the car is not a happy camper and we're doing what we can to make it work, but in the meantime, we're going to try saving for a different car.

Now, I'm a little unsure how to go about asking people for potential help with this. For me, it's easy to just send my money to my savings account and go "yep I saved this much." But I really want to ask people for help (because it's going to take more than I can make to help get a new car) and it appears my only options are setting up a gofundme (which I heard takes about $85 for every thousand) or I can set up paypal buttons, but I'm not sure how those will work out.

On that note, I'll post a couple buttons at the bottom of this and maybe make a little goal thingy for a down payment style thing and people can watch the progress bar. Which is really why people use gofundme, right? Paying 8.50 on every hundred for a fancy status bar? (This will be added to whatever the next post is)

In other news, I've been joining a ton of freelance sites. I'm not excited for taxes next year, because they'll be confusing with my book and freelance funds, but it's income. As many of you know, me getting income is a pretty snazzy thing to have happen because traditional jobs and me do not go well together.

I've been making enough to take care of my bills and I'm trying to increase the amount I make each month.

On that note, I'm working on editing Wings. Yes, Wings is still an active project. I've had the beautiful cover for like ever and now it's up to editing. This is completely different than An Addictive Personality where I had the book done like a month before I got a cover for it. Maybe my next book I'll finally have things evened out and have both things done within a week of each other. (Hahaha.)

Also, I apologize for my website being behind. It's still behind, but I'm working on fixing that up for people, amongst other projects.

Figured this might be a nice update for all you awesome people.

Here is your button if you'd like to help in the getting a car aspect of things:

Who is this rad giver?

Note: I heard there was trouble with this donation box thingy, so much as I'm going to regret putting my email address out on the net, you can send me paypal monies using the email address bbnewgo @ yahoo . com

Thank you so much for everything!