Monday, February 24, 2014

The Chronicles of the Mini

I have an iPad mini, Maybe for almost a year.
I can't remember when I got it, no upgrade I fear.

One day I went to get some coffee
and was locking up my bike
when my mini falls to the concrete
the cracks were quite a sight!

I could still use it
Played fruit ninja with no cuts
But I swore to be more careful
In case I ran out of luck

Then comes February cold as ice
To the mall with my mom for a spell
What a great birthday present
that it didn't break the second time it fell

And now here I am at the end of February
I cannot charge my device
it was not the Mini that is the problem
It's the cord end to be precise

Yup, I really had to write a poem on the chronicles of my mini. I was going to just have a sad post about how I can't use some of the apps and how it was a big productivity tool, which it is, but I decided you should have a poem as well.

I'll hopefully have a new cord within a month or two. Until then, my iPod will have to suffice for my tiny productivity device.

With love,

Monday, February 17, 2014

My 20th Birthday

Today was (and still is) my 20th birthday.

At first I was concerned about it. I spent the night before complaining about turning twenty. "What do I have to show for it?" Was my question. I've had many people tell me as a 19 year old that because I was still a teenager, I still had time. I was still okay to not have any large accomplishments.

I'm not in college. I don't have a normal job. I haven't created anything of merit. Or at least that's what I thought.

My day started out... pretty low. I woke up and convinced myself to get out of bed before 10am. I was awake by 8, but I laid in bed for awhile. What can I say? It was comfortable.

I already had about 10 facebook comments saying happy birthday, which was nice, but many of them lacked any kind of personalization. Not that I should complain. I guess it has to do with waking up in a bad mood. But I was hopeful at least, and I liked every single one of those comments, because they were people who took the time out of their day to wish me a happy birthday. And that's a beautiful thing.

My boyfriend came over. I was still upset about things and negative things kept occurring, but at least I had someone to talk with and be around. Because of the weather I was concerned about not being able to keep any birthday traditions. One of them being the free caribou coffee, another being choosing a dinner. This wouldn't be such a problem if it weren't for the fact that I also don't have any birthday party currently planned. Parties require money and I am not doing well in the funds department. So I felt sad.

And then one of my best friends texted. We all ended up hanging out. At first things went a little iffy, but we ended up at my house to hang out. (And yes, I had gotten the coffee.) We walked in the door about the time of my birth. 5:35pm.

I was able to spend the evening with two of the most important people in my life. We played uno and watched a movie. The day has been going very different from what I imagined.

I imagined I'd be alone, sulking in my room by the end of the night.

Instead, I'm sitting on the couch after a nice evening. And you know what? I think I'll make myself something nice for dinner. Maybe fry up some onions and chicken and make a grilled cheese sandwich with my garlic Parmesan butter. It's one of my favorite foods. And then I'll work on a book.

This is a good start to a new decade.