Thursday, June 25, 2015

Just Because I need to write this down part two

Yet again you've come across another list of my ideas of things I need to create and do and learn that I will otherwise forget because I don't have the time or energy to do them now. Some of these are even a year old. *Cough* cat purrs * Cough* Hence what I mean by needing to write them down. Luckily some of these have made their way into conversation and so are less easy to forget but hey, always nice to have them somewhere besides my brain.

  • Harnessing cat purrs into usable energy
    • Find someone that understands stuff like this
    • Or just learn it all mahself
      • And then employ someone to do the actual complex mathematics. Because there will definitely be complex mathematics.
  • On a related note, making shakelight style phone chargers
  • Solving the problem of death by "old age"
    • We don't actually die of old age. Ever.
    • Evolution doesn't care about how old we get.
    • Metabolism and other "normal" things kill us.
    • Yes I'm serious.
  • Inventing a robot that would take my garbage out for me.
    • Kidding. Mostly.
  • Write a recipe book where everything is garlic based
    • Make the title some terrible vampire pun
  • Figure out how to write a "cozy mystery"
    • And write one
    • Because apparently they're popular right now
    • Although I could just do a murder mystery instead
      • Always a good idea
  • Get a fitness specialist certification
    • And do pretty much nothing with it because how does one even fitness business?
    • The knowledge would be pretty cool though.
  • Write a page on my life for every year of my life.
    • Write pages for the last 21 years as well.
    • Try to become a centenarian.
    • Make sure someone knows to publish it when I die.
  • Do the picture a day for a year thing
    • And actually keep up with it
  • Learn how to French Braid
  • Learn how to write a sales copy
    • What even is a sales copy?
  • Using the term grown (as in grown ass woman) in a photo series about the fact that I'm a "grown" adult but I like crayons and glitter, etc.
    • The term has been used too often recently
    • Liking cartoons does not make you not an adult
    • The stereotypes attributed to adults is irksome
  • Create a book series based on current events
    • to help educate people
    • so when someone says "this is unrealistic" I can show them WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED.
So these are more of my ideas. Within the next 3-5 days expect a post that touches Charleston, Racism, and my ex. It's a thing that is important to me and it is a thing that I feel needs to be said.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Biphasic/Siesta Sleep

Biphasic sleep. This involves sleeping twice a day, or as shown by the phrase "siesta sleep" it's basically a "normal" chunk of sleep plus towards the middle of your day give or take.

Yes, I know. I've tried this before and stopped. But that was years ago and I was operating under different circumstances.

Right now I am in Michigan, I live with my fiance. I am a stay-at-home freelancer with no set schedule for anything. This is actually not the perfect setup for biphasic sleep but it's actually pretty good.

The perfect setup is having a set schedule that already allows for a "break" in the middle of the day. Like having classes go until noon and not start again until 3 or something like that. That is the perfect setup.

So I'm setting up a "schedule."

Biphasic sleep, or siesta sleep which is a much less controversial term, has two parts. The first part is the main chunk of sleep. Most of the time this is between 5-7 hours, depending on how long your nap is and how much sleep you need.

For me, I'm going with about 6 hours. I'll go to sleep earlier if I'm tired earlier. Allowing that part to be relatively fluid because I need to figure out how much sleep I need anyways.

Next is the nap. The nap can either be something like 20-30 minutes (a power nap) or 60-90 minutes. I'm going the power nap route this time. Last time, I tried for about two hours. This was not a good idea. Some people are more inclined to longer naps, some are for shorter. If I'm napping, it needs to be short - even if it is under the term biphasic sleep.

The difference between biphasic sleep and a nap has to do more with the routine, anyways. When your body is used to taking a nap every day at a certain time, it goes through the two phases.

Amusingly enough, I think this will allow my wake-ups to be easier.

My naps should probably be before or after lunch. I'm going to start on after lunch and see how that goes. The good things about after lunch is that it's middle of my day and it should hopefully be right before I'd hang out with someone. So yay, right? We'll see.

Anyways, toodle-oo
-Alexandria Hathaway

Monday, June 8, 2015

Just Because I Need to Write These Down

I get way to many ideas and they're all going to escape me so here is just a big list of my current ideas on random things that involve obscure references and oddity.

  • Secrets of The Job Process Book... Series... Blog... Website... Something.
    • Awhile ago I wanted to do a thing about all the different job related stuff because nobody seems to understand how resumes work. Nobody understands how interviews work. And nobody seems to understand that you don't just miss a day and not call in. 
    • This idea was shelved because effort and stuff.
      • And because I'd have to get a new retail job for research.
  • Get a Retail Job.
    • For research.
    • And hilarity.
    • Plus the cash wouldn't hurt.
  • Make a book about a crazy adrenaline-obsessed person who must continue to do crazy awesome things in order to avoid depression.
    • And don't rip off the Pretties or whatever that one book was.
      • Which I just now realized was a thing.
        • Of course that's not even the actual premise of their book.
          • So I'll be good.
    • I have a friend like this. More research is needed.
      • Obviously some details will be fabricated. Because fiction.
  • Have different days where I go to different places to do my work.
    • Like the library one day.
    • And coffee another day.
    • And all that jazz.
    • Would fit well with a retail job.
  • Make a blog full of article samples.
    • But then someone might take them for their own in an attempt to get a job and so that would be bad.
  • Make a How To Elance kind of site.
    • Because Fuck the "water cooler."
  • Write a huge philosophically intense book... that all ends with a dick joke.
  • Write a book that seems like it's just a bunch of dick jokes but is actually philosophically intense.
  • Actually succeed at finding a sleep schedule that fits me.
  • Actually take a typing test and then try to improve said typing score because I can't type as fast as I think and it gets annoying.
    • Holy shit you could literally see how fast you think by increasing your typing score until you can type as fast as you think and then you could be like "I think about 110 words per minute."
      • Of course this would only work if you thought:
        • At a speed slower than the response time of a key press
        • Only thought one thing at once
          • Unless you could type like 110 words a minute on both hands on separate keyboards. But that's only two lines of thought.
  • Work on that whole ambidextrous thing again. Cause that was legit.
  • Learn how to Leatherwork.
    • Get materials for leatherwork.
  • Learn how to treat wood.
    • Get materials to treat wood.
  • Actually have an exercise routine of some sort.
    • Because my arms are way too flabby.
      • And they need to be stronger so I can use my saws effectively.
    • Because I need to be able to outrun bees.
    • Because I want to be a ninja.
  • Write that one book on productivity.
    • Actually get to the point where I have successfully learned how to be that productive.
  • Write a book that showcases the cost of someone's time, regardless of what they're doing. 
    • Because you're not paying me to scan your groceries, you're paying me to not do anything else I could be doing at that moment.
  • Work on a book about effective ways to handle anxiety.
    • And do a bunch of blog posts on the subject so people don't have to spend money to not have anxiety attacks. That would stop them from making money/conversing/living.
  • Learn how to use my sewing machine or get a newer one.
    • Because I need to figure out how to do the halter top thing I was planning on doing.
    • And because Story Bears are still a thing.
Congratulations. You just spent your time reading all this stuff. Now go make your own list. You know you have those ideas. Do them.