Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Act More Energetic

A lot of my goals are fairly passive this January. Like sleep. I don't have to actively think about sleep until the sky is dark.

Taking my morning vitamins is easy because they're on my desk; waiting for me every morning. Eating beforehand is the hard part.

Evening exercise is once a day and Tackle a Nagging Task is hard to define.

What does that leave me with? Act More Energetic. That is the mantra I aim to work on each day. Act more Energetic.

Energy. That is the thing that keeps you going. A lot of people hate the "fake it 'til you make it" mentality, but it does help. Granted, it doesn't help all the time in everything, but as for being happier, more energetic, more calm, it does help a bit. It soothes the frustration and fatigue and makes it gentler. Which is why I'm working on acting more energetic.

If I act more energetic, I can get more things done. If I get more things done, I feel more accomplished. The more accomplished I feel, the happier I am. It's how I work.

If I don't have energy I can't accomplish my day's goals. I have a lot of goals in a day and some are harder than others. Blogging, for example, is hard. It's simple, but it's hard. I need energy to complete it.

Writing 1,000 words a day is something I need energy for. It's simple, but difficult. I have to come up with all that content and if I'm not energetic, than how am I to handle it all?

This is why I am working on acting more energetic, why I need to act more energetic. I honestly think more people should do it. It's been a help to me, it's pushed me forward when I needed the extra motivation.

Some people might wonder "Well how do you act energetic?" It's simple my friends! Smile more, use more hand and body motions when talking and doing things, hop or skip or jump at random times. Pretend you're a kid for a little bit. Spin when you turn. Just give life to the things you do. It'll feel so much better.


Monday, January 5, 2015

A First Week's Look at My Happiness Project

Let's take another look at the January Resolutions:
1. Go to Sleep at a Decent Hour
2. Get Better Sleep
3. Tackle Nagging Tasks
4. Take Vitamins
5. Evening Exercise
6. Act More Energetic

So, these are the things that I've been trying to do and honestly I don't feel a whole lot different yet. I don't know if I'm happier or anything. Then again, I haven't been wholly successful at doing them. I mean, it's hard to just suddenly try to do a bunch of things at once.

First, going to sleep at a decent hour is very hard. This is the first Monday since we had winter break and we had kind of fallen on our sleep schedule. Hopefully going to sleep will get easier as soon as we get used to having to wake up really early again.

Getting better sleep is a little ambiguous. It's hard to decide when I've gotten good sleep or not, except by how I feel when I wake up.

Tackle a nagging task... I've just been having an issue with doing things in general because I have decidedly too much on my plate right now. I'm an author, right? So writing should be my priority, right? Well, if it were that simple than yes. But writing a book doesn't immediately give me funds to save and pay for things. Mturk does. It's tiny and time consuming but it's been a big help. And then we have these blogs for me to write and I'm just... This doesn't even include my daily life. So in order to be successful in tackling a nagging task, I need to do prioritize daily.

Taking Vitamins has gotten easy to do each day now. I only have 3 pills to take and I let myself use any liquid in the morning, which has been helpful. I had it with a glass of water this morning, but there's been times I'll have it with soda.

Act more energetic. That's easier said than done, right? I think so. I'm not feeling energetic right now and it's really hard to fake it when nobody is around to make me feel like I have to. Why should I be energetic around myself? Of course, that might just be my down mood talking. I'm in a bit of a down mood right now because I realized I have so much on my plate and so little time to do it all and I'm not super woman.

I wish I was super woman.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Happiness Project Introduction.

Actually, I take that back. I'll be doing this a couple times a week because I have some awesome things to share. Like my Happiness Project I'm working on.

I keep forgetting the title of this blog is too perfect for all the things I'm trying. What's more of a journey than a year-long project on improving my own happiness?

I got the inspiration from a book called "The Happiness Project" by Gretchen Rubin. Obviously the book is about HER happiness project. It's also just plain motivational and inspirational. AND it shows you how to do your own.

I don't know how, but I got my fiance to join me in this endeavor. The month of January is for Energy Boosting. If we manage to boost our energy is January, then we have more energy to take care of things later on down the line.

The resolutions for January include:
1. Go to Sleep at a Decent Hour
2. Get Better Sleep
3. Tackle Nagging Tasks
4. Take Vitamins
5. Evening Exercise
6. Act More Energetic

Hopefully these things are going to help out.

In the meanwhile I also have a giant daily to-do list that includes going over all of my blogs and such. I have an intense blog schedule that I don't know yet if I can keep up with but that's the kinds of things that happen when you have such a wide array of interests and want to share things with the world.

So far as far as the resolutions go, we sucked on sleep last night. We got down one nagging task. I took my vitamins. We did not do our evening exercise but we did attempt to act more energetic.

For those of you wanting to know about my book stuff, I am still working on things... it's just hilariously hard to accomplish. Like I have all the ideas and I have some skeletons for the books. And Wings is just awaiting editing but editing is kind of dull, etc.

So we'll see how all of that goes.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Years!

I'm not going to post all that much until February but I still want to wish you all a particularly splendid New Year!