Sunday, September 29, 2013

Teddy Bears and Pregnant People with Dogs

Good day fellow gremlins! It is I! The Weirdo Lady Thing Alex!
Wow, okay, odd start to this. Anyways... Right, um, day events. So, I woke up to barking. I was dog sitting. Only natural to hear dogs bark. Grumbling to myself I get up and soon realize all is not normal.

The woman I am dog sitting for is home. How odd, I think. She tells me she decided she probably shouldn't go to feat, she's been hurting all night. Tends to happen when you're carrying a baby in your uterus, you know? Well, I suppose if you're a dude you don't know what a uterus feels like, but hey, just imagine something kicking your stomach and causing both acid reflux and the insatiable urge to pee all the time. 

Yeah, so we spend the day taking care of the dogs and watching idol rich people on television. I get NO work done. Whatsoever. This is the first bit of work I've done today. 

Well, actually...
I've been taking apart this bear, piece by piece. I'm going to take a look at the design, change it up a bit, and use that design to make my story bears! I'm quite excited, actually. So far, this is what I'lve gotten done: 
Not a whole lot, but hey, it's something.

In other news, I have new bike lights for my bike. I'm happy to be home with my cats, and hopefully normality shall return soon. Ha. Normal. There I go using that word again.

As for how I'm feeling right now? Anxious, like always. And perhaps a little hungry, even though my mum made the best homemade soup ever. Curse myself for not getting THAT in a picture. Next time dears, next time.

My writing is... Well... Dog sitting throws things off, I'm very behind tonight and hope to start getting things back in order soon. I worked on a short story for deviantart which I will post eventually.

Tonight I will be doing the review I didn't do yesterday, as well as all the other things I've been missing out on.

Tata my good friends!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Do NOT mess with your sleep schedule if it's good

This is the second of my daily journal posts I suppose. I titled it as I did because guess why there wasn't a post on yesterday's events? Never again... *shudders* I'll tell you why... Well...

Yesterday at four ish in the morning I started feel dysphoric because of a currently undisclosed event where if you want to know it you'll have to find that day's deviantart post. for you curious readers. It's because I was feeling dysphoric that I didn't finish all the things I should've that night. I'm kind of upset about it actually.

Well, I decided I'd just pull an all nighter and sleep like a normal human being at the place I dogsit. Ha! Worst idea ever. 

So, my boyfriend came over for awhile while I sat there and felt super tired. I ended up feeling more awake and we sang to awesome music from almost a decade ago. Pretty spiffy stuff. Then I have to bid him adieu so I can go to my job.

I got there and was like "you know what? I think I'll make it tonight. Maybe I'll even stay up late enough that this won't hurt me." HA. That was funny stuff. Oi. I went to bed at just before nine. Worst sleep of my life. I woke up and all that jazz. I felt like shit. I napped twice. When I woke up from the last nap I felt better. It was just before I would've normally woken up had I just decided to stay nocturnal this weekend.

Guess who felt way better? This gal. Anyways, so I've been playing with the dogs and taking care of them and writing and such since that last nap. Long story short, do not mess with yo sleep schedule if it's good to you!

And now for the rest of the update. How am I feeling right now? A lot better. Very writing feeling, which is a great thing, yah know? Because then I can actually get some work done. 

What am I going to be writing today? Well, the silly dictionary project for one. Then I'll be working on granola, the nomad, and A REVIEW. The review will be on Dr. horrible's sing along blog which I've seen a TON OF TIMES BECAUSE It's so awesome. Like forreals.

And how my writing is going... Hmm, compared to the rest of the days not so good. Compared to yesterday, great. Wootness! 

This is Alex, signing off :)

Friday, September 27, 2013

Book Review: all rivers flow to the sea

You may wonder why I did not choose to capitalize the name of the book. After all, it is a book. The book's title has no capital letters on the title, and so I chose to keep it exactly as is. There is a reason to keep the letters small and I'll honor it.

all rivers flow to the sea

          Author: Alison McGhee
          Copyright: 2005
          Main Characters: Ivy, Rose, William T., Tom.

                   All rivers flow to the sea is a book about a girl who was in a car accident where her sister was driving. Rose, the main character, has to deal with what happened to Ivy, the older sister. Ivy is basically a vegetable. In the hospital. Dying. Mostly dead. Rose visits her with William T. every day.

                   In a way Rosie is both the protagonist and the antagonist. She is the victim and the yet she is also the villain. It’s sad, the things she does and doesn't say. That’s the thing, is that she doesn't say. She doesn't speak often. She’s too hurt, as many people would be.

                   It’s hard for me to write a review after reading. I’m too taken with the book. It’s incredibly well written. Not only did I become Rosie in my head, but I was William T., I was Tom, and I was her mother. I couldn't feel Ivy as well though. Her personality is expressed throughout the book but she doesn't feel. She is a vegetable. She used to feel.

                   I recommend this book to anyone who likes reading. Especially for those dealing with a hard time. The author does a fine job of showing grief. Of writing grief. She lets you feel and experience it, and she helps you live through it. This book understands pain and suffering, death. I liked it, even though it made me sad.

                   It’s a beautiful sadness.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Daily Journal

So, I'm working on writing a lot and a lot of stuff. While going through a book on being a writer it suggested doing a daily journal, unedited. It is to include things such as how I feel, things that are going on in my life, how I feel my writing is coming, and also what I plan to write about today. My decision is that I'm going to do that stuff here. Yup. My unedited mind out on the interwebs. Where nobody will read it because why should they?

Here's a quick general update:
I am nocturnal. This means that I wake up anywhere from noon to three and I go to sleep anywhere from 6 to 8. In the morning. "BUT ALEX, THAT WILL MESS WITH YOUR SLEEP QUALITY/BRAIN/ECT." Shut up. Already thought about that stuff. Pipe down. I'm taking certain precautions. Besides, if I get the live-in nanny position the nocturnalness will have to end.

I am dating one of my best friends, which is awesome.
I am polyamorous.

And now for the daily part:

Well, in today's news, I got up at a decent hour. Like twoish, which is my normal. Yay for normality! It feels good to have a normal, finally. Thank god for being nocturnal. I went on a jog/speed walk thing to test how quickly I can go from my house to a certain spot which I found out is like 1.4 miles away. I really need to work on my speed. I plan on doing this exercise thing a few days every week about half an hour before sunset because it is absolutely GORGEOUS out at that time. You wouldn't believe how happy that little bit of grandeur made me feel.

I did some room cleaning and laundry like the normal homosapien that I am. Ha. Normal. My butt. I have 150 pages to read before I go to bed, as well as a review on the book. I might consider posting my book reviews if people are interested. That would be fun, actually. Maybe I'll do more than a post a day. Give a little extra, yah know? And then everything will be all in the same place. Like with skydrive. Love skydrive.

I don't think I'll Facebook share this. Whoever reads this shall. I'll deviant promote but that's about it.

Hmm, how am I feeling right now? I am... Munchy. Yup, that's what I am. Munchy and a little anxious. You'll learn I'm always a little anxious though. I should probably take care of that there munchiness. I should make a chicken patty or something. 

As for my writing... I'm doing well. Working on things slowly but surely. Oh shizz, I forgot to do my dictionary project! I'd better get on that. Like forreals. So, that's what I'm planning on working on. My dictionary project, and that silly review. Which I may or may not post. Like the penguin I am.

Live long and prosper! 
-Alexandria <3

P.s. stay tuned for my uno adventure on Tuesday!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Finally got my iPad cord!!!

I only use my iPad to post in this blog, which is why I've been gone for a good... 4 months. I lost my cord with which to charge the poor beasty. Now that I got a new one your regularly scheduled posts can once again resume!