Saturday, September 28, 2013

Do NOT mess with your sleep schedule if it's good

This is the second of my daily journal posts I suppose. I titled it as I did because guess why there wasn't a post on yesterday's events? Never again... *shudders* I'll tell you why... Well...

Yesterday at four ish in the morning I started feel dysphoric because of a currently undisclosed event where if you want to know it you'll have to find that day's deviantart post. for you curious readers. It's because I was feeling dysphoric that I didn't finish all the things I should've that night. I'm kind of upset about it actually.

Well, I decided I'd just pull an all nighter and sleep like a normal human being at the place I dogsit. Ha! Worst idea ever. 

So, my boyfriend came over for awhile while I sat there and felt super tired. I ended up feeling more awake and we sang to awesome music from almost a decade ago. Pretty spiffy stuff. Then I have to bid him adieu so I can go to my job.

I got there and was like "you know what? I think I'll make it tonight. Maybe I'll even stay up late enough that this won't hurt me." HA. That was funny stuff. Oi. I went to bed at just before nine. Worst sleep of my life. I woke up and all that jazz. I felt like shit. I napped twice. When I woke up from the last nap I felt better. It was just before I would've normally woken up had I just decided to stay nocturnal this weekend.

Guess who felt way better? This gal. Anyways, so I've been playing with the dogs and taking care of them and writing and such since that last nap. Long story short, do not mess with yo sleep schedule if it's good to you!

And now for the rest of the update. How am I feeling right now? A lot better. Very writing feeling, which is a great thing, yah know? Because then I can actually get some work done. 

What am I going to be writing today? Well, the silly dictionary project for one. Then I'll be working on granola, the nomad, and A REVIEW. The review will be on Dr. horrible's sing along blog which I've seen a TON OF TIMES BECAUSE It's so awesome. Like forreals.

And how my writing is going... Hmm, compared to the rest of the days not so good. Compared to yesterday, great. Wootness! 

This is Alex, signing off :)