Sunday, September 29, 2013

Teddy Bears and Pregnant People with Dogs

Good day fellow gremlins! It is I! The Weirdo Lady Thing Alex!
Wow, okay, odd start to this. Anyways... Right, um, day events. So, I woke up to barking. I was dog sitting. Only natural to hear dogs bark. Grumbling to myself I get up and soon realize all is not normal.

The woman I am dog sitting for is home. How odd, I think. She tells me she decided she probably shouldn't go to feat, she's been hurting all night. Tends to happen when you're carrying a baby in your uterus, you know? Well, I suppose if you're a dude you don't know what a uterus feels like, but hey, just imagine something kicking your stomach and causing both acid reflux and the insatiable urge to pee all the time. 

Yeah, so we spend the day taking care of the dogs and watching idol rich people on television. I get NO work done. Whatsoever. This is the first bit of work I've done today. 

Well, actually...
I've been taking apart this bear, piece by piece. I'm going to take a look at the design, change it up a bit, and use that design to make my story bears! I'm quite excited, actually. So far, this is what I'lve gotten done: 
Not a whole lot, but hey, it's something.

In other news, I have new bike lights for my bike. I'm happy to be home with my cats, and hopefully normality shall return soon. Ha. Normal. There I go using that word again.

As for how I'm feeling right now? Anxious, like always. And perhaps a little hungry, even though my mum made the best homemade soup ever. Curse myself for not getting THAT in a picture. Next time dears, next time.

My writing is... Well... Dog sitting throws things off, I'm very behind tonight and hope to start getting things back in order soon. I worked on a short story for deviantart which I will post eventually.

Tonight I will be doing the review I didn't do yesterday, as well as all the other things I've been missing out on.

Tata my good friends!