Thursday, October 3, 2013

Review: Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog

Director: Joss Whedon
Year: 2008
Main Characters/Actors: Billy (Dr. Horrible) - Neil Patrick Harris, Captain Hammer - Nathan Fillion, Penny - Felicia Day.

Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog is about a "Villain" named Billy, but known as Dr. Horrible. Billy is on a mission to get into the Evil League of Evil, and there are only two things in his way. The first thing in his way is the almighty "hero" Captain Hammer. Billy defines him as his arch nemesis. Captain Hammer foils many of Dr. Horrible's crimes. Though Captain Hammer is the hero, he is in fact the antagonist.

The second thing in Dr. Horrible's way of success is Penny. Penny is the "girl of his dreams." He has been
pining after her for years and as such she is a major distraction. She is seemingly a secondary character because her role is only important in his love for her, and Captain Hammer's retrieval of "what he wants."

Having Neil Patrick Harris play the leading role is the best choice practically any media related item could make. He is an amazing actor and fits well into any character. He made the protagonist evil villain character both believable and heart warming. It was easy to feel for the "bad guy."

     Likewise, Nathan Fillion was exceptionally good at playing macho man mentality Captain Hammer. He was able to make Captain Hammer seem like the "corporate tool" that Dr. Horrible was calling him. As such, many people disliked this "hero" which was the point of making him the antagonist.

The entire cast played their parts incredibly well and the singing was beautiful. Catchiest tunes I've heard in awhile. I've watched Dr. Horrible multiple times and looked up the music on youtube even more than that. It's fun to sing along, as the name of it states. Highly recommended.