Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hey look, a distraction!

So, my sleeping stuff is getting better. I've actually been asleep during the times I was supposed to be asleep. Huzzah!! I mean, I'm still doing a little bit of oversleeping, but I feel like that will be resolved soon. And yes, I feel rested so far every single wake-up. ^^" So we're doing good.

Well, This is still what I've been up to. A lot of live game watching. But hey, I've come up with some ideas to make it into actual work like stuff ruther than just sitting there staring at a screen. For one, I realized Mario or Super Monkey Ball's background noises help me stay focused on what I'm doing. It's really weird but who am I to scorn what works? Soon I will be a multitasking powerhouse!

 Another thing that occurred... Making hot dogs over fire! It was super awesome. You see, I adore fire. Those were some really good hot dogs. I added too much garlic to mine, though. :( 

Anyways, yeah. I missed posting yesterday because I was lame like that. I just couldn't write. Which is fine because today I can't draw at all. Like, I tried to draw some of my friends or my little sister and I just failed. So badly. Maybe it has to do with the hairstyle, I dunno, all I know is they did not look right. So I erased and put my drawing pad away for another day.

That's all the updates for now!
-Alexandria <3