Thursday, October 17, 2013

Time Management

There are few things in this world more important for me right now than time management. "But Alex!" You may say, "All you do is write and crafts, why do you need time management?" Ha. Stereotypes are hilarious. Young grasshopper, only with time management may an Artist/Writer Succeed!

Every day you must do projects to strengthen your skills and get your name out there. Every day you must practice, every day you must market. This is why I do my dictionary project every day. I read as fast as I can for a minute and choose one of the words I've read to create a poem or other art piece for. Poems have been the best so far at highlighting the words.

And, actually, I'm also doing freelance work. Sure, it's writing, but it is a job. Jobs have deadlines. Don't finish by a deadline? Have no money. No money? No phone or data plan. No phone or data plan? Less of an ability to get more money. See how that goes? There's also the lack of food and tea and other things that make life worth living. Time management helps me have less anxiety, when I am successful at it, anyways.

Amusingly enough, even though I'm allowing myself extra time to sleep (even though I shouldn't) my mood is instantly boosted by the idea that I've been actually going to bed at the exact time or up to ten minutes early as I had planned. This is great! It's highly encouraging to see some success.

So how am I feeling right now? I am feeling... Okay I guess. Not anxious, perhaps a little stressed, a little bit cheerful. I've been playing some PC games to take breaks. Like right now I'm playing Diamond Hollow II on Kongregate. It's good stress relief. Platformers are my favorites.

So, not only have I been doing writing, freelancing, watching live gaming, and playing some games myself, but I've also been doing some surveys to help me get some funds. I have been using surveysavvy and valued opinions. Valued Opinions doesn't have a referral link, sadly. But whatever. Surveys don't pay a lot, but they pay enough to be worth the effort of clicking on a link every week or so.

As for my writing projects today... I plan on doing the dictionary project and a couple example articles that will help me get more jobs from elance.

Wish me luck!