Thursday, October 10, 2013

"This is my livelihood!"

I got into a discussion with my mum today about the stuff I was doing. I made a lot of comments about how what I'm doing IS my job. I told her "it's my livelihood" to which she responded "not yet." She wasn't trying to sound negative about what I was doing, she was just being a devil's advocate. My mom is amazing for that. She brings up things one would never think of.

She's also great at helping with suggestions for some of my creative endeavors. In fact, she helped in making a decision on Melissa's ears. Which are now happily sewn on by the way. Melissa is amazingly finished and oh does she look cool!

Well, actually, I think I like her box more. I got into acrylic paints with it and everything. Which brings me to my next commentary.

I played with paints. Oil and acrylic. I made some pretty oil painting pictures
and used the acrylic paint to start a new project I suddenly thought of. I'm making a little sculpture Christmas tree. I had to make brown with my limited supply of acrylic paint, which was fun and amusing. It's in the very beginning stages.

Another thing that I said a lot was that I used to always think having so many interests was a bad thing, I got all these art supplies and other things and they mostly were laying around because I just didn't know what to do. Suddenly though, I find having all these ideas is amazing. I'm going to try everything I can think of. Hopefully one thing will lead me to success.

Right now I'm working on the teddy bear Wendi. I'm in the cutting out pieces stage.

It's coming along slowly but surely.

I've had a million things to do today and so far I'm doing a good job on working through them.

In other news, I'm going to try out triphasic sleeping. That's right. I'm trying yet another sleep habit. Why am I doing this? Because my nocturnalness keeps getting messed up, I need more daylight as SAD is creeping in, spending too long in my bed is giving me leg cramps, and it will help organize my time. I've split my naps up completely evenly and divided my day into sections.

Section 1: 10pm -6am. 
Nap will be from 10pm - 12am.
This will help me keep organized day one from day two if I wake up right past midnight.
Also great because it gives me my darkest sleep, as well as my quiet time to myself.

Section 2: 6am - 2pm
Nap will be from 6am - 8am
All the morning daylight that I need to keep up my vitamin D. Nap will be in the daylight but when I wake up, the sun will be bright in my eyes, perfect for getting me up.

Section 3: 2pm - 10pm
Nap will be from 2pm to 4pm
I hate being awake from 2pm - 5pm, so at least I can sleep for two hours of that time.
When I wake up, others will be awake and active. This is when I can hang out with people.

Okay, on to the general questions I have to answer to count this as my "journal"

How am I feeling right now? I am... Tired. Which is why I came up with the triphasic thingy in the first place.

How is the writing going? So-so, better than expected for all the stuff I have to do today, yah know?
What will I be writing today? Mostly just my warm ups considering my day ends in about an hour. This is strange. Yeah. It will be changing everything up. 

So when will I be doing my journaling? I think I'll journal every midsection of my day. So when I'm awake after my 2-4pm nap I'll journal about how the day went so far and what I'll be doing later. Makes sense to me.
This is Alex, signing out!