Friday, October 11, 2013

Not all true writers only use computers!

I got very annoyed recently while talking to an old friend of mine. She made a comment on that she learned somewhere that "true writers" can only use the computer to write because it's the only thing that can keep up with their brains.

I highly disagree. Here are my three refutes:
1. Some of the best writers lived during a time when there were no computers
2. Faster does not mean better
3. Who is to say what a "true" writer is? If you write, you are a writer. If your work is being sold, you are an author. Simple as that.

Okay, now that I got that venting over with, on to cool stuff.

It is day 1 of my triphasic sleeping experiment. And this picture should show exactly how I feel: 

Teehee. I kind of look silly. And tired. Very tired. It's always hard at the beginning though. I'm using a sleep app on my iPod to show my quality of sleep. There's a little graph to show your cycles of sleep based on your movements. My hope is to see an improvement in how much sleep I get in a two hour period. Otherwise I will be a zzzzzzommmbieeee!

I've not just changed my sleep pattern, I'm also working on eating healthier. I think being nocturnal wouldn't have crashed so hard if I had eaten the right foods to keep me energized. Oh, and drinking water!!!

So I described how I was feeling and some things that are going on so now we move on to the productivity part of the post!
Guess who is doing fantabulous? This gal! I have over fifty things written down and I'm trying to see how many I can do today. I'm keeping major tabs on my progress which is a great motivator to see those percentage go up and up! My goal isn't even to do 100%of it. Just 75%. I can do more the next day. It feels great!

Some stuff I've completed already:
1. Finish the thought part two
3. Practice drawing mouths, hands, eyes and butterflies
4. Apply for freelancing jobs
5. Creating an article to use as an example for Elance projects
...and much much more...

Some things that I'll be doing today? Creating another article, teddy bears, drawing three of my friends, and a couple other writing related projects. Boy do I have a full plate! But staying occupied is important to keep me awake today!

God knows I need it...

Today is a good day!