Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Apparently a friend of mine thinks I ought to move to Chicago. Ha. Right now I have like no income or anything. I'm trying to work on those teddies but things just keep messing up and I don't know... I guess I'm working on freelancing again. It's something, yah know. Ugh. I hate things.

I made little Wienies in an onion and bbq reduction sauce today.
 I feel quite accomplished for it. I am an amazing cook. At least in my honest opinion. If I have the ingredients I can make a ton of cool stuff.

I still haven't found my camera cord. I haven't really looked, either. Just being honest. And not because I'm lazy. Actually, partly because I'm lazy. But I was kidnapped for like 36 hours, so, yah. (AKA I went to be with a friend and they got too lazy to drive me home... fun times...)

Anywho, I'm back to trying my best to be productive. It's difficult. Very difficult. It's always been a struggle for me. And guess why? I'm ADD. No medical insurance though, so no meds. Which means I'm on my own. Just like I'm on the own for my anxiety.

Speaking of anxiety. I concocted a disgusting smelling solution to put on my scabs when I try to scratch them. What's in this concoction you may ask? Well, fish oil, a vitamin, the liquid from an ibuprofen liquid gel, iron, and a variety of other random stuff that will actually help in the healing process of the wound and make me less likely to go after them. Huzzah! Hopefully it will work.

Second Story Bear (AKA Melissa) is being worked on. All she needs left are her ears which are obviously cut out and ready to be sewn on:

As for the next story bear idea I have a patterned fabric I want to try.

We'll see how that goes. I'm also going to make a white bear with a pink tutu. For my younger sister's birthday. She mentioned it. Actually, what happened was, I was working on Melissa and she said "You should make me a ballerina bear. A white ballerina bear with a pink tutu." And I was like "Haha, maybe." But in my head I was like "YOU'RE A GENIUS AND JUST SOLVED MY DILEMNA ON WHAT TO GIVE YOU FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY!"

M'kay, back to the basics here... How am I feeling right now? Apparently mildly antsy. My leg keeps going *boing, boing, boing.* Incessantly. Like it's being crazy. And I'm like "stahp it leg!"

Hm, and how is my writing going? Well, this seems to be picking up, so okay I guess. For the circumstances.

And what will I be writing today?
Good question.

I should probably do the next part of my finish the thought practice. And doing the dictionary project which I've been failing at doing again. Teehee. Right. So that and anything I think of later.