Sunday, October 13, 2013

Live gaming

I am so addicted to watching live gaming right now. I just got a twitch account and have been "wasting time" watching awesome runs, mostly of Mario. 
Believe it or not, it's helping me go from nap to nap.
Speaking of naps, they've been both successful and unsuccessful. 
What I mean by this is I overslept a bit, but it was spaced out amongst two naps rather than one. And there are a few reasons this keeps happening to me.
1. I'm taking some melatonin to train my body to sleep at certain times
3. Still not used to triphasic yet

This is like day 3 so it makes sense that I'm not used to it yet, yah know?

I'm a little bit tired but not too tired, which is good and to be expected.

I've done almost no writing but I plan to do a lot after my next nap. I've pretty much just been watching live gaming because it's been my way to stay up and such.