Saturday, October 12, 2013


 You see this amazingness? It is so nummy. My mum and I had some last night and I took another piece today. I love food so much...

Speaking of food... My mum made homemade soup again!! It was so delicious...

No this entire post is not going to be about food (even though I absolutely adore food.) No, it's also going to be about my recent failure. That's right. I have failed yet again. But it's not a permanent fail. More of a misstep. 

I've been having a bit of trouble with the triphasic sleeping, obviously. I haven't been sleeping really during the allotted times. There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, as I was nocturnal my body was used to being awake during the night time slot and up by the evening time slot. I did sleep kind of during the middle of the day one. Secondly, my body was on a monophasic sleep schedule during my nocturnal phase, though I did do some napping. Therefore it was used to sleeping at one time only. And thirdly, two hours to fall asleep. I apparently suck at falling asleep.

So this morning I let myself have an actual rest for awhile, taking up the entire first third of my day. I know I need sleep so it seemed reasonable. I'm going to continue my triphasic attempts. My stomach has already gotten used to eating three "meals" evenly spaced throughout my day, so it was quite mad at me that it hadn't gotten anything yet. Silly stomach. I fed it :)

Yup. Mentioned food again. Haha.

I'm feeling a little off right now, but I guess that's normal.

As for my writing, I haven't written a thing yet today but I will later. I have a lot of stuff to do later, actually. In fact, off I go to snooze soon. Which brings up another problem I have with sleeping...


I can feel each and every spring. It's almost enough to make me want to clear off the living room couch and sleep there. But that would make sleeping more difficult. Although more comfortable.
I really need a new mattress.
My room has a bunk bed, one is my sister's bed, one is mine. Both mattresses are in the same shape. They've had a good life. OVER 10 years. They've been flipped so many times the action has become useless. It will be time for an upgrade... Whenever I have the cash for it...

With Love