Monday, October 14, 2013

Life is odd sometimes

Life is odd, sometimes... There I was at 2am thinking about what to eat for breakfast and how I only had four more hours until I should be asleep again... I had just finished reading a story on a nazi lampshade made out of human skin that I found quite accidentally as I was searching the word skin on google to help me with an article I'm writing.

It put me in a really odd mood. The world took on this weird hue suddenly. And then I remembered I needed to check my deviantart and the feeling kind of faded away but the thoughts were still there, albeit pushed back a bit. It seems weird to me, just last night I did a poem on an abattoir for humans and this morning (yes, 2am is morning for me) I find that story excerpt... 

*coughs* in other news... I think I'll just post when I DON'T oversleep. I think this is going to happen quite often. I'm starting to get the hang of it though!

And yes, I'm still watching speed runs. It's cool. And actually I can do work and watch/listen to speed runs at the same time :)  This picture is of the user Cereth on twitch. Playing Super Monkey Ball 2!

I've been making some progress on Wendi, finally. I'll probably try to finish her within the next 24 hours... While I'm watching speed runs. Actually, tomorrow somebody is doing a 24hr speed running thing, so I'll be watching them like MAD! They're gonna do a lot of Mario which is super fun to watch. Like amazeballs. I'll post a link or something somewhere for them probably because that's some intense stuff. And I'll probably get a lot of story bears done in the process.

I've also been working on my specialized cards and am, in fact, almost done with one for my favorite web comic artist, Jocelyn. The card will be finished and sent when I have stamps to do so and money to send her other gifts. I'll send the package and the card within a couple days of each other :) it'll be super fun and I hope she enjoys them.
I really need to do more work on those this. Actually, I need to find my routing information for my bank. Then I can finish setting up my Etsy with all my cools inside and yeah...

Anyways, my boyfriend is coming over a little later and we're going to roast hotdogs over fire. Doesn't that sound awesome? I might try to get pictures for tomorrow's post. Fire is hard to get pictures of though. Hopefully it'll turn out. 

I'm feeling pretty awesome, I should be feeling tired if I were doing this silly triphasic sleeping thing right but apparently I haven't been doing good enough. But I've apparently done well enough that I'm actually starting to sleep during my naps. That's new. 

My writing be going well and I really don't have much of it planned tonight. So yeah.