Friday, September 27, 2013

Book Review: all rivers flow to the sea

You may wonder why I did not choose to capitalize the name of the book. After all, it is a book. The book's title has no capital letters on the title, and so I chose to keep it exactly as is. There is a reason to keep the letters small and I'll honor it.

all rivers flow to the sea

          Author: Alison McGhee
          Copyright: 2005
          Main Characters: Ivy, Rose, William T., Tom.

                   All rivers flow to the sea is a book about a girl who was in a car accident where her sister was driving. Rose, the main character, has to deal with what happened to Ivy, the older sister. Ivy is basically a vegetable. In the hospital. Dying. Mostly dead. Rose visits her with William T. every day.

                   In a way Rosie is both the protagonist and the antagonist. She is the victim and the yet she is also the villain. It’s sad, the things she does and doesn't say. That’s the thing, is that she doesn't say. She doesn't speak often. She’s too hurt, as many people would be.

                   It’s hard for me to write a review after reading. I’m too taken with the book. It’s incredibly well written. Not only did I become Rosie in my head, but I was William T., I was Tom, and I was her mother. I couldn't feel Ivy as well though. Her personality is expressed throughout the book but she doesn't feel. She is a vegetable. She used to feel.

                   I recommend this book to anyone who likes reading. Especially for those dealing with a hard time. The author does a fine job of showing grief. Of writing grief. She lets you feel and experience it, and she helps you live through it. This book understands pain and suffering, death. I liked it, even though it made me sad.

                   It’s a beautiful sadness.