Monday, February 24, 2014

The Chronicles of the Mini

I have an iPad mini, Maybe for almost a year.
I can't remember when I got it, no upgrade I fear.

One day I went to get some coffee
and was locking up my bike
when my mini falls to the concrete
the cracks were quite a sight!

I could still use it
Played fruit ninja with no cuts
But I swore to be more careful
In case I ran out of luck

Then comes February cold as ice
To the mall with my mom for a spell
What a great birthday present
that it didn't break the second time it fell

And now here I am at the end of February
I cannot charge my device
it was not the Mini that is the problem
It's the cord end to be precise

Yup, I really had to write a poem on the chronicles of my mini. I was going to just have a sad post about how I can't use some of the apps and how it was a big productivity tool, which it is, but I decided you should have a poem as well.

I'll hopefully have a new cord within a month or two. Until then, my iPod will have to suffice for my tiny productivity device.

With love,