Monday, January 4, 2016

Youtube Playlists of Learning

You know, one really great way to learn things is to use youtube playlists. Right now I'm setting up playlists based on my interests and adding in videos that seem like they should be interesting.

YouTube tells you what you've already watched, so seeing something twice doesn't become an issue.

One thing I'm using it for is actually dog training. I'm seeing what trainers have out there for material and I'm going to watch them. Also on that playlist? Examples of how psychological service dogs help their owners with anxiety and depression. If I can train Fawkes like that, I know I'll be able to handle situations better.

Another thing I'm adding to the list is camping. While I understand the basics, having more knowledge is always a big help and those videos often suggest certain items to get to make life easier.

I recommend this method if you want to learn something but may not be able to devote large chunks of time in one shot.

Have a Splendid Day!