Sunday, May 5, 2013

Defeated once again

There's nothing worse than being really hyped up about something only to find it isn't what you truly wanted. I'm tired of working a Arby's. not because I don't like fast food, but because for me it is dead end. I could train and be a shift manager but surprisingly enough, I'm not a people person...

The more I do, the more I know what I dislike. Being on register? Hate it. Handling money? Makes me uncomfortable. Assembling sandwiches... That I can do. Morning prep? If you took away the morning part and the drama part I would say yes to it. I don't mind sitting on a slicer and making fluffy meat portions. I don't mind making salads. I don't even mind washing dishes.


That's the question.

It concerns me for my trip as well. There is no place that I know of in the USA where one can just not have to rely on other people for anything. I want to either personally know a person, or just not know them. I like people as individuals. I hate people as the amorphous blob that is society. They're two different things, believe me.