Saturday, May 4, 2013

Biphasic Sleep and Life Update

Things have been pretty difficult lately, I'm not very good at this mental stability thing. I tend not to take the best care of myself, etc. so these past few days have been... Rough.

I frequently have breakdowns and today I broke down as I was frying some Arby's chips and was all behind in prep and our lettuce was bad and I had to do extra meats and yeah. Of course, it wasn't just that, it was a build up from like the past week or two of everything that's gone wrong. Sometimes you need a release.

As for my biphasic sleep, it's really difficult to get used to. I heard, however, that I might be doing my nap too early, and that might be part of my problem. Apparently the nap phase, usually about an hour and a half, is only supposed to give a boost of 4-6 hours. I've been making it last like 8.

So tomorrow I think I'll try maybe 6 or 8 if I can. It's hard to try and delegate naps when you're spending the day with somebody else though.

I'll be seeing Iron Man 3 tomorrow :)