Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Biphasic Sleep

So, I'm trying out something spiffy called biphasic sleep, which for me really just means taking a nap in the afternoon, usually after work when I'm tired anyways. The reason why I'm doing this is because it will help me have a better sleep schedule and just make sure I get more sleep in general because this sleep only at night thing just isn't working because, frankly, I have a life at night.

I have friends who don't hang out during the day and my house is settled down and I just feel freer at night. I mean, I want to be asleep at 3am, sure. But I'm totally awake at 1am. So I'm just gonna take a little afternoon nap everyday and that will ensure I get enough sleep without affecting the my friends and family.

You gotta do what fits, you know?

Of course, on my bike trip I dunno when I'll be able to snooze. I might have to become semi nocturnal because parks are usually closed at ten and yeah. I would rather sleep during the day than have to sleep outside at night when scary things might happen. I'll find some resources though.