Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Preliminary Planning

So I'm on this freelancing site called elance (which is free to join) and I decided I'd post a job. I made it about my bike trip, of course. It's to basically have somebody else help me figure out how to do everything I want for the trip.

So far communication has been good. Their job is pretty simple. Brainstorm. The hard part is some of the scenarios.

I'll put up updates on that later as they come in.

As for other things in my life, I got to hang out with my three best friends yesterday night. Things were cool and silly as they normally are. Constant silly fights. Anime. YouTube videos... It's what's normal. And I'm oddly comfortable with that.

It's actually kind of funny. I remember a big issue I had with an ex of mine, actually with most of them, they always wanted to do the same things. For one it was cuddling, for another it was video games and movies... Actually, it appears any person I've ever even hung out with seems to prefer those for activities. And it IS a good fallback... I still like my variety, but I'm not nearly as pushy about it as I used to be. (Sorry J.)

I don't have to go to work tomorrow, which is good. I mean, I like work but one needs breaks. Often. Besides, it'll give me more time to work on blogs and freelancing and such.

My boyfriend says he wants to hang out tomorrow so maybe I won't get toooo much done ;)

Anyways, I'm off to pet my giganto cat of doom now!