Saturday, April 27, 2013

I should've just posted last night

Now I can't remember all the awesomeness that occurred...

I had work in the morning for a while and reminded my gm that I was still interested in being trained for a shift manager position. I was happy when she told me "before we train you, we need to train your replacements!" Unfortunately though that means my replacement will take longer than one of my friends' as mine has to learn prep. Grrrr...

Anyways, D. came over to hang out and we watched the perks of being a wallflower which is a great movie. Everyone should see it. We talked about Emma Watson a lot and how awesome she was.

The next day I found a dog at the humane society named Emma and I didn't even think about them having the same names until now. I really badly want a dog. They're so cool. I met a dog named Jadyn as well. 'twas a pit bull, unfortunately. It's unfortunate because the poor thing has so many stereotypes. Amazing dog though. A sweetie, happy, beautiful...

I miss Jadyn.

I'm tempted to get Jadyn despite what everyone: like my parents and boyfriend, think.

If I don't get Jadyn I may just get a mouse.