Thursday, April 25, 2013

The whole day

Starting from 7:30am to 10:30pm I worked. The entire day. I'm crazy, I know. I'll like myself for it later, I promise. Like when I get passes for Valleyfair. And I'll go multiple times. *shrugs*

So it started out with my doing great on prep, which is cool. I listened to my musica full blast, again. It really helps out my speed. I don't even know of corporate is okay with it or not, now that I think about it...

All 3 of us morning employees got to have break together, which is always fun. We talked about Amsterdam and traveling, which I obviously need to do more of. The regular morning shift manager has been all over and it's really quite cool to hear about.

I was on back line most of the morning. This, obviously, made me happy. I'm pretty good when it comes to making me some sandwiches. I'm striving to do better though as I need to hit my goal of making Arby's my career.

The old assistant manager came in with her new baby. She and the baby looked gorgeous. I even got to hold the little one. It made me happy.

When the current assistant manager came in, my favorite person besides the morning shift manager, my day went even better. Sure there was a rush and we were ironically understaffed because two employees called in and one was almost an hour late, but it was cool and it just kind of went by.

I got switched to drivethru for a couple hours which I didn't mind, as I like variety. Then I was switched to frontline, which was also cool. Somewhere in all this time period I got a second break and yeah.

I'm so tired now,