Sunday, April 21, 2013

Going Through My Stuff

Nothing about this bike trip will be harder for me than going through and getting rid of my stuff.
Not because I'm materialistic, no. Because I am HEAVILY sentimental.

Today, however, I have come up with a way to go through my clothes easier. I'm going to wear each article for a while. And while I'm wearing the clothes, I'm going to be going for different "looks."

Punk rocker style clothing gives me the feeling of being free and confident, therefore any clothing I have that fits this look will make me feel better about my stuff.

Professional clothing make me also feel confident and more serious, like I can get things done. Having professional clothing makes me ambitious.

Laid back outdoorsy clothing like cargo and yoga pants makes me feel comfortable and attuned to nature. Keeping a piece or two of this style clothing will keep me from getting too stressed.

Lastly, porcelain doll girl clothing and accessories, the elegant look, keeps me feeling put together. There's just something about it that I enjoy. It gives my inner feelings their own happy inner feelings. A few key pieces will keep me sane. And creative, it tends to boost my creativity as well.

So I'm going to try to combine all those looks into as small of an amount of clothing and accessories as possible. It'll be fun and will help me to narrow down what I should bring.

As for the rest of my stuff, we'll have to see what I come up with.

As for my daily update,

I went to an "I lost 50lbs" celebration for my friend's mum. It was pretty cool. We played a lot of games at the park including a major snowball fight, nukem, and ninja. I certainly got MY exercise today!

D. and Dav. picked me up from the park and we stopped at Caribou to chat. I got a hot chocolate which I was disappointed in and we left to pick up Joc. who has been dealing with a lot of crazy issues.
My goal for the night was to make her laugh as MANY times as possible.
I did.

I'm posting really late again because I'm lame and procrastinated.