Thursday, April 18, 2013


Yep, that's right. It is snowing in the middle of April. I keep acting all surprised but in all honesty, I'm not. We've been having crazy weather for a while. It is getting to me though, all this snow and the dreary skies. My moods are quite affected by weather.

I'm a big fan of warmth. And it's... Not warm...

I have work tomorrow... At 7:30... In the morning... Until 4... Pm... And it'll probably still be snowing. I'm really not a fan of snow. I mean, I am, kind of... But not from mid-March on...

As for an update on how the bike trip is going:

I made a stop at CC's military surplus store to find they have a LOT of helpful stuff. They have an I think 45-gal backpack with a spot for a water bladder and with external pockets and a lot of internal sectioning, which is pretty cool. They also have a big rain poncho. A reusable one.

I've begun looking for a price check on the camelbak water filtration thingy, because I'm going to special order it because they run out a lot... And then when they have the 3 liter bladders, I'm going to get one of them. They had a 2 liter, but I figured I had time to wait for a 3. Who knows, maybe I'll love myself for it later.

I'm also taking a look at their sleeping bags, which fold smaller than mine, and are good down to 30 degrees for one and I think mine is only good to 40... I could also get one down to 20 or 10 but they're more expensive.
And slightly bigger and weightier.
I'm trying to cut down on bigger and weightier.

Anywho, it's almost midnight. I'm tired and work in the morning. Goodnight my fellow interweb dwellers!!