Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Old Objects, Old Memories...

I found some books of mine I no longer read and that I no longer need. So I brought them to the half price bookstore that's near me. I didn't get too much, but hey, someone else will get to read the books. Ya'know?

I almost think I would've gotten more by breaking it into 3 separate trips.

Anyways, I'm still going through some old stuff and I ended up opening the closet... The closet had two huge piles of stuff I used to have. They were ginormous! Mostly all papers. I've spent my evening looking through them...

Old yearbooks

Everything I pick up brings me through gates to my childhood.

Did you know ever since I was a little girl I've wanted to get better at art? I didn't.
And how about my lyrics? They were all stories with an attempted melody.
How about the art that became designs?

I found them. I found them all.
I really miss the little girl I used to be.

So many memories.