Friday, April 19, 2013

4 hour shifts and EarthFest

Sorry it took me so long to post, sleep called. So this is the post for yesterday:

Hello there fellow Earthlings!
Today I took a couple magical journeys.

Journey Number One: The Four Hour Shift.

Waking up early wasn't something I minded for a job such as mine, in fact, it's quite required. What I mind is no matter how much sleep I get I am always groggy when it is time for me to awaken. I'm barely able to get up.

This wouldn't be so bad if I weren't scheduled for 8am. Now, many of you notice that's 30 minutes LATER than normal... Good eyesight.
Simple math though:
7:30am start, get done, Maybe, by 9:30. Go on required break. Come back in time to help out before first customer walks in.
8:00am start, usually not so much luck.

So I get there and find out that basically I do prep and I get to go home because they're cutting people today... Fine by me :)

Journey Number Two: BCHS EarthFest
The EarthFest is basically where a bunch of vendors come and have booths where they either try to tell you to buy their nature friendly product or they try to tell you what you can do to change the world. Pretty cool stuff.

I got some fliers and bike maps and such and learned about a walk for the humane society I could do, etc.

Then it hit me.

There was bike stuff there. Biking is a means to make the earth a greener place. Maybe next year or the year afterwards I can have a booth there and let people know about my idea. Help show them how biking and limited living is possible.

It's an idea.