Friday, April 19, 2013

Just another day

So, I stayed up pretty late last night. 2 or 3am. It was pretty interesting. I caved and went to sleep when my silly stomach decided to get upset. I don't like my stomach most of the time. This time was no exception. It did it today, during work, as well. It tends to act up quite often. Some are guesstimating I have IBS. It's possible, but I don't like it.

Next week I work about another 30 hours, which is great for my trip planning!

I found out I can get a "phone upgrade" in 6 months. So, in November. This is great because then I could get a larger memory or whatever iPad mini. Which would help, again, for the trip.

In other news, I watched mean girls 2 today. It's a great movie. In my opinion it might be even better than the first, but I suppose they're both kind of different movies, actually. Maybe I like it better because I feel more connected with the second movie's protagonist. We have similarish feelings towards things.

I don't have a job passion however. If I were to regret anything about my current life it's that I don't know "what I want to be when I grow up." Maybe an author, but that's about what has stuck with me. Hence why I'm going to participate in this nomadic journey. It just makes sense.

I have a ton of book ideas for this journey, and probably for now, too, actually...


I was picked up one of my best friends and his friend today to do a little bit of filming for a project. It was cool, we went to a park and spent a good chunk of time there. Then we spent nearly an hour at Caribou, one of my favorite places to go.

My best friend De. wasn't too thrilled about the idea at first, but after he found out how awesome their hot chocolate was, he chilled out. We spent a lot of time talking about movies and cinema and some people I didn't know about and some weird but awesome comedy routine.

After Caribou came Cub Foods, which is open 24/7. Poor employees. We didn't get anything but I did stop by the redbox to pick up some dvd's. I wanted to get Django but they were out. Instead I got Argo, Hansel and Gretel, Perks of being a wallflower, and Les Miserables.

My favorite actresses are as follows:
1. Emma Watson
2. Emma Stone
3. Anne Hathaway

So two of those movie choices are obvious.

After cub, we went to dav's house and watched Argo, because I figured De. would be especially interested in it. It was amazing, and everything was based off of a true story.

All in all a good night.

It was made even better by how I felt about myself. I put together a strong rocker meets elegance look and it just, it matched me. That rarely happens.

Sleep Well Everyone!