Sunday, April 21, 2013

The start of a new week

I start my weeks on Mondays now... Sundays are too much of a Saturday for me. They're my one day off usually. Also, you can't do as much on a Sunday, most places are closed. Therefore, my week starts on Monday.

I've been doing more work with my freelancer on the bike trip project and we've been working on a couple ideas for things and I almost keep wondering if I even want to end at a year, maybe more like a year and a couple months because I'd like the opportunity to take a seasonal job somewhere at like a Guest Ranch or something cool like that.

But hey, I've got the time to figure all that stuff out.

Until then I'm trying to come up with Training. Training as in biking, eating, drinking enough water, and logging what I'm doing. I think the log part is most definitely the hardest.

I just can't remember to ever log things... But you guys will keep me in check, right?