Friday, August 8, 2014

One Week to Your 10k Day Writing Marathon Day Four!

It is the FOURTH day of the One Week to your 10K Writathon series!

To recap, yesterday we worked on the habit of not editing our work as we go. We also learned about spreading the word. Both are very important tools for this series. We also did our practice goals again, making it easier for our 10k day.

Preparing for the Challenge - Day Four

Today is day FOUR of the 10k writing marathon week-long preparation.

Now that we know about being careful not to edit and have successfully alerted others to our event, it is time for the next step!


So this next step is a lot more important than people realize. The writing challenge takes up a good chunk of your day. At least one meal, usually two, and perhaps three would normally be going on during your scheduled writing time. Oftentimes, meals take more than 20 minutes to cook and eat. That's why today is going to involve planning out your meals.

So there are a couple things to pay attention to when planning your meals:
1. Time it Takes to Prepare
2. Nutritional Value
3. Ease of Eating

We want to narrow the prep time down to about 5 minutes, if possible. Now, normally this leaves us with either expensive or nutritionally deficient food. If we prepare ahead, we should be able to curb those problems.

In regards to the nutritional value, we want to make sure it doesn't just feed us, but that it energizes us! Vegetables are great for this, as is peanut butter. I would personally suggest shying from the starches and meats because at least for me it makes me feel a little bogged down, and that is the LAST thing I need when trying to complete a writing marathon.

The third thing to look at is ease of eating. This is important in case you're not done by the time you start writing. It is a good idea to have something you can grab easily without messing up a keyboard.


One great idea is to pre-prepare some of your food the day before. For example, making pasta or chili and freezing it or setting up a quesadilla and arranging (putting it on a plate in the fridge.)

This preparation enables you to cut down the amount of minutes you spend making the food, therefore leading you into a state of cooking bliss.


"But I've already planned my break!" You say. No, you've planned the times you'll have a break.

What we're going to do today is to actually take those breaks and assign them certain qualities or activitites. Don't overplan your breaks, however, it is important to know what breaks you're planning for meals, which ones you'll go outside for, etc.

Start off with assigning meal times.
Next, give each break a movement activity of some kind. Try to have at least stretching and walking around for each one. What else you add is up to you.
Then, take at least three breaks to have as time you actively walk outside. This makes sure you get some fresh air.

The other step for the day, as has been for the last couple, do that writing activity! We'll be using the data from the past couple activities to reassess tomorrow.

-Alexandria Hathaway
Twitter: @AlexandriaMWolf


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