Saturday, August 9, 2014

One Week to Your 10k Day Writing Marathon Day FIVE!

It is the fifth day of our preparations for the 10k Marathon!
Are you excited? I am! The 11th is just around the corner!

To recap, yesterday we did some extra special preparations for our marathon. We created our meal plans and even planned parts of our break!

My meal plan looks like this:
Breakfast: Cereal
Lunch: Bowl of Salad and Half a Peanut Butter Sandwich
Dinner: Quesadilla

My breaks are good to go as well. I jog before I even start the marathon, so I don't have my first outside movement planned until the noon break. From there I go outside on the 3pm break and the 6pm break. My exercises include stretching, pushups, curlups, running in place, and light wandering around. It will keep me energized and focused!

Preparing for the Challenge - Day Five

Today is day five of the week-long preparation for our 10k day!

Now that we have our meals and breaks planned out, it's time for the next part of our journey!


So if you've been following along, we've seen how long it takes us to reach our goal every day so far. It's time to average it out. Do today's practice first before going in for the math.

Add the minutes of each day up and divide it by the amount of days you remembered to complete the activity. This number is your magic average! Now we figure out if our proposed hours to get to 10k is enough (or even too much!)

If you need more time, now's the time to make that change to your schedule. You can do it!

Go over everything you have thus far and make sure everything is up to par. That is your simple task for the day. :)

-Alexandria Hathaway
Twitter: @AlexandriaMWolf

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