Sunday, December 15, 2013

Been Awhile

I'm gonna try to keep up with this. I know I say this after practically every single other hiatus but hey, can you blame me? Life is busy. There's been Thanksgiving and now Christmas is coming and all this stuff!

So, to start off, here's a current picture of mwah. Which brings me to my next commentary. There will be a lot more pictures of me. The reason behind this has to do with my newest interest: Exercise.

That's right! I've gotten into exercise! It's pretty spiffy stuff. I even have little motivational thingies and tracking my progress and even like 5 exercises just chilling on the closet door. I feel so accomplished. I was given an exercise/balance ball from Mike (the one that lives at the house.) I was sooooo happy! I still am soooo happy. I started bouncing on it, because you know, that's obviously what it's meant for. XD

Each week, starting tomorrow, I'm going to do a picture showing myself to see if there's any difference in how I look from exercising. There will be two pictures. One of me in normal clothes, and one where I'm wearing my swimsuit. That way all the cuts can be seen. My hope is that I'll keep motivated when I see the differences and changes. Tomorrow will be the seventh day of exercise.

I'll also be sure to give statistics on my progress. Before you see how terrible it is... Before I started I could do maybe one push-up that was "good enough" (in my opinion) based on how close to the ground I got and the form. If a push-up is not in good form I don't count it. And no, I won't count the knee push-ups I can do.

As for curl-ups, I used to be absolutely amazing at them. I could do 100 in a row before stopping. Now though... I can do like 30 in a row before I have to stop. And that's HAVE to stop. Like it hurts too much. So I've been working on them slowly but surely.

The next stat that will be included is the workout times. The way I do my exercise is I do two sessions each day. Each session is at least 15 minutes in length, but no more than an hour. That way, together, I get "at least" 30 minutes of exercise each day. I might as well say I have yet to go a day where I've gotten less than an hour of exercise.

Note that each session involves a five minute warm-up and cool-down.

I also have themes for each day, I might start sharing them as well. Like today the themes are Aesthetics and Balance. (Obviously this is a "rest" day.) So I've been working on my posture and trying to balance and perfecting my form for various exercises, like push-ups.

In other news, I've been in the festive spirit! I put some lights around the lamp in my room and some tinsel. I think I need to try to elongate the tinsel ^.^"

I also have some red tinsel I think I'll put along the walls. I have a string of colored lights I can use, too. Intertwining them might be a neat thing to do! Then I can have pretty lights amongst pretty tinsel! I just need to make sure the cord reaches an outlet. XD

Now, about story stuff. (Sorry for the long post by the way!!)
I've been working on Emma's Story and Emma's Journal for awhile offline. I'll be typing them up eventually. I've also done a bit more of other writing. It's been difficult but I've been doing it! I just need to push myself to get things done and I will.

Unfortunately I had a small string of computer problems lately. It's all better now so for the last week I've been working on a person's story editing. That's right, I'm still doing all my freelance work. All the fun stuff! It's great.

Have a terrific day and I'll see you tomorrow!!