Thursday, November 14, 2013


I had no nightmares today. This is Awesome because for the past couple nights I've had a lot of nightmares. I still remember the third one from two nights ago, still remember the feeling, but whatever.

This morning I had an amazing breakfast. I think I'm going to have it as the highlight of my day. It was just fried onions, potatoes, and eggs together but it was still really good.

I had a major disappointment today though.

 I was going to meet a new person at the library, and although I wasn't overly enthusiastic about it I still wanted to hang out with the person. That would've been fun, but unfortunately some things happened and we ended up deciding that we'd reschedule. Which wouldn't have bothered me except for the fact that I had already been sitting there for two hours and I could've just stayed home and gotten a lot more work done.

That was pretty much my day. Breakfast, some work, and waiting. I still have time, of course, but it's just going to include Night Vale, Ted Talks, and freelance work.


On the bright side, I'm planning on meeting someone cool tomorrow. We're meeting at Caribrew to chat and watch netflix and all that fun stuff. I'm mega excited. I like hanging out with people. 

Trying to stay upbeat,