Monday, November 11, 2013

Attempted Stress Reduction?

I'm going to try a normal circadian rhythm, guys! Crazy, I know. This means I'll be going to sleep around midnight or one tonight, depending on my work.

Speaking of work, I have a couple fun things I'm doing. Obviously we have NaNoWriMo where I'm writing Emma's Story which is the "Prologue" to Emma's Journal on my deviantart.

I'm also editing a wonderful story for my friend from the UK. To do that I do a first read through just quick and in my head of each chapter. Then I go through the story, reading aloud in an English accent, trying to find the grammar/spelling/other mistakes/things that should be changed for better readability. I'm pretty good at editing and this is a fun way to do it. :)

Another fun project I'm doing for freelance is transcribing some videos for the awesome Risa Lynch. She seems pretty cool, both from a freelancer perspective and that of a youtube viewer. I mean, come on guys, she has a video for making homemade chocolate. That seems pretty awesome to me.

A final thingy I'm doing consistently is blog/forumn commenting. I basically get to look at a forumn with a bunch of musical posts and go to certain ones and add my own commentary. It's pretty awesome because I get to learn and teach with each post.

And because I'm lame and tired that's all that will be on my blog tonight.

Except for how some people that I watch livestreaming of/for have told me I should try livestreaming. I've downloaded OBS and now have to try and figure it out. Fun stuff, that is. I don't even have that much to stream, but hey, eventually I will. Right? I hope so.

Oh, and apparently if/when I visit the UK I have two possible places to crash for awhile. Which is a great thing to think about for my potential backpacking across Europe.

I love you all!