Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Post for 11/12

This is meant to be the post for the twelfth, because I didn't post anything earlier, and I know I will have much to post for the thirteenth as the day moves on.

I started my day in the worst fill of anxiety I've had in almost a month. Which is weird because the day before was by far one of the best I've had in awhile. I woke up from a nightmare, fell back asleep, woke up from another nightmare, fell back asleep and then repeated this once more. That's right, I had a total of three nightmares to haunt me.

The final wake-up was at 1pm. I stayed in my bed until 4:30, just mulling that last one over in my head.

All the nightmares were based on some sort of journey. I remember nothing else about the first one. The second one i remember only that and the me representation being about 9 years old. In the very last nightmare... I took a journey with some friends and something happened to me that I'm not going to disclose. But it made me wake up feeling gross and weird. Unhappy. That feeling stuck with me for most of the day as I attempted to figure some things out.

I eventually was able to get in some freelance work, watch 4 TED talks, see Fizzi36 livestream, and listen to another episode of Welcome to Night Vale.

Now I have an important meeting (maybe two?) tomorrow about important topics and more freelance work to do. Stay tuned to hear how those go.

Good night everybody!