Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Day One of the Ultra-Awesome-Self-Homeschooling-Like-Thingamajig

Day One - September 2nd, 2014

So for those of you that are confused (i.e. most of you) I decided to do some self-learning style stuff. Sort of like homeschooling. It's pretty cool. I feel I don't remember most of the stuff from school so a lot will be review, but hey, it's fun.

If you don't want to read these posts just ignore anything titled "Ultra-Awesome-Self-Homeschooling-Like-Thingamajig" or just look for a long hyphenated string, same thing. XD

I'll be following pretty similar schedules each day, sort of like how a college schedule works.

Schedule for Tuesday's:
  • Gym
  • History
  • Foundations of Math
  • Break/Lunch
  • Italian
  • Reading
First up was Gym Class! I took a brisk walk about with Darrel on the route I like to call "the figure eight." We did the figure eight in about 17 minutes. After that we went inside and did a minute of curlups and a minute of jumping jacks each. Twas a great way to start my morning.

After I cleaned up a bit I moved on to history. History is Tuesdays is "story creation day" so I looked up different eras of history and narrowed my story setting down to the modern era.

Next up was my math foundations class. What is my foundations class? I go on KhanAcademy and do all of the things from Kindergarten counting up to, well, as far as it goes. 

Today I made good progress. By good progress I mean I went from 13% "Early Math" mastery to 29%

Italian... was hard. I can't seem to find a good course. My current plan is to brush up on my Spanish at the same time I learn Italian so that I know what I have to learn in what stages. ^^"

As for Reading... I skipped class today. I'll do extra reading tomorrow to make up for it. XD