Friday, September 19, 2014

The 10K Writathon from Hell

So I decided to give a 10,000 word writathon a go. Except this time, I would go at it unprepared. Not completely unprepared, I knew what I would be writing, but that's literally it.

Warning - ramble mode is included in this posting, due the nature of the unprepared and unorganized day like zomg.

This is how my morning started: First, I had a hard time getting up. The bed was too comfortable, I was too lazy, and I wasn't ready for the day. Just my entire mindset this morning was different from the other 10,000 word challenge.

I made my coffee late, had breakfast late, and decided I would count the words from the outlines as part of my wordcount... and I'd allow myself to work on more than one story. I figured it would help me out a bit, at least in the whole idea of getting words down on a page kind of thing. Obviously my drive was a little bit down.

Another thing about this 10k writathon today... I didn't really tell many people about it. What does this mean? I don't have my support group. I'm keeping it a bit on the Down-Low. Why? To show how much having that support group means for such a challenge.

Also, I'm only progress updating every once in awhile, rather than every hour. And furthermore, I'm only going to be posting that progress once or twice on each social media site.

Luckily for me, my boyfriend knows about my 10K challenge and is super supportive, which will help me a lot to just know that he knows and respects my writing stuff.

Speaking of my boyfriend, another reason this is the 10K from hell is because tonight is "date night" which is where I make him an awesome dinner and we eat with candlelight and shnazz. The reason this is difficult is because that cuts on my time, especially because we also have to go grocery shopping. Hopefully the food that will be picked won't have to be puppy guarded. ^^"

Other reasons today is difficult (and I'm totally counting my blog post as part of my word count >.>) include: Not having any snack food nearby (we have some chips in the kitchen, but that's it), not having my lemon water made (which would've been part of my 10k writing preparations), and not having outlines for the things I was writing.

So I actually decided to think of what to make for lunch early because y'know, procrastination. (Which again makes me hella glad I'm counting this blog post towards my word count.)

Yes, that's right, I didn't even plan lunch. Just like I didn't plan breakfast. I made toaster strudel, by the way. Good stuff. Promise.

872 words at 11:47am

So after a lunch of rice-a-roni that went over time limit (as usual) I decided it would be a good idea to go on a jog. Maybe the fresh air would help my brain out, hm?

Well, I still got distracted but I made a lot of writing progress, believe it or not.

3320 as of 5:41pm

Went out to eat for date night and shopping. Dizzy, tired, headache, exhausted. If I even make it to 5,000 words tonight I will count the day as a success. Today really is the 10k from hell. At least I'll have a good night's sleep tonight, I hope.

It's now 9pm. I'm not even going to count what I completed. Bed time. Lol.

Never do an unplanned 10k writathon. I'll probably do an actual planned 10k towards the end of the month.
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