Monday, September 8, 2014

Ultra-Awesome-Self-Homeschooling-Like-Thingamajig Day Six

Monday Schedule:
  • Gym
  • Cleanup
  • Psychology
  • Foundations of Math
  • Italian pt.1
  • Lunch
  • Italian pt. 2
  • Art pt. 1
  • Reading pt. 1
  • Writing
  • Reading pt. 2
  • Art pt. 2

Day Six: September 8th, 2014

You may have noticed, but I'm only counting days where I actually do workstuff. It's always nice to keep a running tally of such things.

For gym today all I did was my Cemetery Road route. This is a slightly bigger route than normal, hence why doing other things... isn't a thing.

Psychology was quite the learning experience. You see, I was planning on getting both the prologue and chapter one done today of the book. That's reading AND notetaking. I assumed because I read quickly, I should be able to finish all of the about 50 pages.

Oh no. No. Not at all. Note-taking is both a science and an art. I got the art of note-taking down... it's the science I haven't figured out. So I plan on going back to the psych later and trying a new method. For future reference the "read and take notes as you go" plan is what I was doing.

Foundations of math is amusingly becoming one of my favorite classes. It's amusing because I stink at math, or I think so anyways. It's awesome because I am actually making progress and have been the required work pretty much every day it's required. It's brilliant, really.

I actually finished Early Math and am pretty far into 3rd grade math already. Forth grade is coming on a little bit slower but that's because I'm doing multiplication and fractions and such now. Woo!

I hope to get all forth grade skills practiced by Wednesday at the absolute latest, I'll probably get them all practiced tomorrow though.

At 11:30 I began Italian which involved story brainstorming. I brainstormed setting ideas and chose one, then I brainstormed plot ideas and chose one. I was thinking of sharing what the book will be about, but what's the fun in that? Actually, I might post the "query" here next week.

Somewhere around there I had lunch and then procrastinated for a good while before realizing I had to do my art class. I did try, I honestly did. I took notes on types of art, but, you see, it's so subjective. I'll probably have to re-do it later because I am unsatisfied with the information the site gave me.

Reading I spent choosing a new book. I then realized I could do my psychology book. Some may feel it's a cop-out but I'll only do that when I'm running late. Like I'll probably do tomorrow. And Wednesday.

Writing was spent outlining the story I have in my back log that will be the next story I get to publish. It will be a murder mystery style thing. It's already written, I just have to re-write and edit it. To do this, I'm outlining the key parts. Then I'll rewrite the entire thing from scratch and add details to the story from the rough draft depending on how it sounds.

As for reading part two... it was pretty much taken down for the day due to factors such as not knowing what to do next. This will hopefully be fixed tomorrow.

Art part two was spent taking pictures. Pictures will be shown on deviantart tomorrow.
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