Friday, September 5, 2014

Ultra-Awesome-Self-Homeschooling-Like-Thingamajig Day Four

Friday Schedule:
  • Gym
  • Cleanup Break
  • Psychology
  • Foundations of Math
  • Lunch/Break
  • Italian
  • Reading
  • Art
Day Four: September 5th, 2014

I've been doing well so far. I've had some bumps as you can see but it has all been... a learning experience. (insert bah-dum-tss here.)

Skipped gym out of sheer being lame.

For Psychology today I read and took notes on the preface and time management section of "Psychology" by: David G. Myers. (i.e. my chosen textbook.) There are 17 sections in this book besides those two smaller ones. I'll have to figure out how to spread them out later.

Foundations of Math went well. I went from 68% progress to 87% in Early Math. In fact, because of how KhanAcademy works, I wasn't able to do anything more in Early math today and so moved on to 3rd grade math for a little bit. (I went from 30% to 47% there.)

I skipped Italian, reading, and art due to an emotional... attack? that lasted pretty much all day. Well, until grocery shopping, when I learned how awesome some college students can be.

Today was a pretty bumpy, but I'm optimistic about tomorrow!
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